Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hit or Miss

Can someone please read my forehead and tell me what it says?

I'm pretty sure it doesn't say, "Mr. Produce Worker with Whom I Am on an Unfortunate First Name Basis, please ogle me while offering to cut me a piece of apple with a knife that resembles a MACHETE or while I'm loading up the hooptie with groceries."

If my forehead does indeed say these things, can somebody PLEASE run over here post-haste and assist my face washing because, apparently, I continually miss the same spot. 

But what is it with produce guys and the produce section?  You don't have to hit on me and tell me that you notice me here all the time to sell me fresh fruits and vegetables.  I'm going to buy them anyway because they are good for my family.  It is C to the Reepy, and this doesn't happen to me in the Meat Department where one might actually expect it and be prepared for the onslaught.  The butcher is just friendly. I prefer friendly.  However, I prefer you to go into the bowels of The Krogert and stay there until I leave the store.   

Produce guy rant over.

I'm done. I promise.

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