Monday, April 18, 2011

The Adventures of Lucy and Ethel

Well, Lucy and I returned home a little over a week ago, and I am just now beginning to get a handle on my life and my laundry.  It was a blur of a week, and I had limited use of my arm (still hurts to put on and take off a shirt or jacket and can't sleep with my left arm under my head).  Sorry for the delay.

We had a great adventure, and the best way to show you is to simply post oodles of pictures.

Here ya go!

Oh Hail!  We need a cab.  The first cab ride.  From Penn Station to the hotel.  Some of you know I had fretted about hailing a cab.  That was needless worry.  I quickly became a pro.

Pandamom snapping pics of the frozen hot chocolate at Seredipity III.  Delicious!  Drank every last drop.

Our matching New York jammies.

Pandamom taking a picture of her camera with my camera because of our FB troubles...

Another picture of a picture for posting.  Isn't Lucy cute?

A strange statue about a block from our hotel.  It was being auctioned off, so it was being guarded.  That's Pandamom asking the guards why they were spending all day guarding a bear.

Me in Central Park.  Which I absolutely adored.  Pandamom loves to take pictures of me doing weird stuff.   

Ethel and Lucy

A painting I had wanted to see in person since high school.

The obligatory hot dog from the street vendor

To be continued....

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