Friday, March 25, 2011

Season Opener

Tonight is the opening night for the softball season.  With both girls playing I will be busier than all get out until the first week of June.  Bonus asked me when he would get to play baseball, and I told him he could play when Miss Noteworthy could drive him to practice.  Not really.  I told him next fall.  I have to get used to field practice, batting practice, WEEKNIGHT GAMES AT 8:30, and double headers on Saturdays for these two before I throw a third kid in the mix.  And then there is my own practice schedule, fundraising events, demonstrations, etc. for derby...  Who needs to sit down, right?  Apparently not me... 

This is RNR's first season to play, and so far, her favorite part is the pawprint socks and the fancy hair ribbon I bought her.  Anyone surprised? 

Ready for a grounder

Watch out for Knuckles...

I didn't think so.

I'm out, kids.  Gotta finish prepping for Miss Noteworthy's slumber party, and get my game face on.  Go Panthers!

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  1. Miss you. I know you're crazy busy. Guess we'll get to catch up Tuesday.
    I told JT the same thing about playing the Fall. Wanted to do Spring, but just too busy right now. Maybe our boys can play together...especially if we end up in the neighborhood. :)