Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oxymoron of the day: Slumber Party

My little Rock N Roll Princess is now 8!  It's hard to believe another year has passed.  I had just recovered from last year's slumber party (read this: I gave up on trying to find the correct home for the items that were left here last year and threw those panties and socks in the trash.). 

And I found myself dreading the five little girls that would be arriving at my home for a slumber party.  Because I was exhausted before the party began, I knew there would be more partying than slumbering, and I had two hours of skating beginning at 8 AM the next morning.  And Mr. Incredible was exhausted too because he had traveled all week. 

I hadn't given my party planning the usual effort because of my own busyness (Miss Notewothy's birthday, derby, and the all-important, all-day hair appointment on the very day of the party....I'm not sure who scheduled that...). 

Out with the blond, in with the ombre...  What kind of name is that anyway?  Oh yeah, it's the $$$ word for brown...

Of course, the goodie bags were all made and looking quite cute.  The cookie cake was baked and decorated.  Gifts were wrapped and placed on the hearth.  Items for dinner were purchased and prepped.  The actual activities for the party were where I skimped.  Normally, I will prepare a craft or two (I know, you can't believe that I actually participate and initiate that type of behavior.  Complete necessity, I assure you.).  Last year we made fancy peppermint bath salts and sugar cookie milk bath.  We had the whole spa theme working for us last year.

Because there was no way I was going to buy those plates with the Bieber Boy on them... even though I have now paid for not one but TWO of his CDs...

Used the noggin and got everyone a cheap flashlight for outdoor flashlight tag AND bedtime scary shadows.  I love a dual purpose.

You gotta time the sugar high just so...  The coma needs to set in right at midnight.  It *might* need the aid of Bambi II around 11:30.

There would be no crafts this year.  This was RNR's "Never Say Never Dance Party."  All I had was RNR's wish to play Just Dance 2 and dance to songs by that Bieber Boy.  Other than the game disk and a CD, I was not appropriately armed.

Instead of crafts, I pulled out a huge box of sidewalk chalk and told them to go play in the street.  Literally.  Don't worry; I was with them in the road.  And this ate up the first full hour of the party until Mr. Incredible got the dogs grilled.  I'm glad this crew was still young enough to go for this activity. 

They did dance and play Just Dance, but those were short-lived.  Apparently, her friends are not as in to dancing and singing as RNR is.

One of the best activities I came up with during the unwrapping of gifts.  RNR's friends know she is a little fashionista in the making and loves to work the get-ups.  They all got her clothes and accessories, which thrilled her and delighted me (no toys to step on!).  And they all oohed and aahed over her new spring fashions.  So I got the idea to have them clean up my living room AND have a little fashion show of their own.  When the gifts had finished exploding, I told them to use the tissue paper that littered the floor to make outfits for themselves.  These are some pretty creative girls.  Isn't it amazing what 8,9, and 10 year olds can do with a little tissue paper and 2 rolls of Scotch tape.  I'd hire them....

She looks like a little Scarlett Johansson here.  Thanks for the cool shades!

True excitement over her new trench.  She had coveted mine for too long...

Possibly my favorite picture of the whole party.  RNR  rocking the Bret Michaels's do-rag and her sweet friend a little Swiss Miss 
On the Catwalk
Le Drama Mamas

All in all, it was a fun evening, even if the drama soared in a few isolated moments.  What's a slumber party without a little drama, right?

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  1. oh no. this post scares the starch out of me. how will i ever survive?
    i love your tissue paper fashion show idea.
    everyone had a great time, i'm sure.
    happy bday to your rnr!