Friday, March 4, 2011

The Jig Is Up

Well, I can keep my little secret no longer.  Too many of you are commenting in person and on Facebook.  Heck, my parents even know.

I have joined a roller derby league.  I've been to two practices so far and skated many hours beyond those practices.  I think I am doing pretty well in the drills.  And I really love it.  However, my stops need SERIOUS work.  If I don't pass the Women's Flat Track Deby Association (WFTDA) skills test because I fall over when I do a t-stop, I am going to be REALLY ticked off.  I think I've got all the other skills no problem.

And yes, my derby name and number submitted to Two Evils is Reckless Housewife #867-5309

It still has to be approved...

Two hours of skating today, two hours of skating tomorrow, and 3 on Sunday.  It's going to be brutal.  I hope I can walk on Monday...

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