Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Which one of these things is not like the other?

Picture of RNR from the "photo shoot" at a friend's sleepover this weekend

Rock-N-Roll Princess likes to make word collages on the computer at school during her free time.  Like her mother, she is still learning to spell. Somehow, this child tested out of spelling for the rest of the year in November.  I'd like to see this test.  Apparently, the words coffee, friends, wordless, puppies and victorious are not on this list.  Yesterday she did spell promotion correctly, so maybe it is an okay test.  BTW, the one on top is the most current (last Friday).  The other two are from last semester.  At least she has learned how to spell beautiful correctly.  I'm really not dogging on her spelling abilities; rather, I am getting that "ouch" of parenting knowing she may get her spelling abilities from her mother.  I still have to look up the correct spelling of particular words as a forty year old.

And I love that she has "beautiful", "love", "grace", "loving" and "spectacular" in her collages; it shows me that she feels comfortable and secure in who she is.

But I ask you to look carefully for the ONLY word that appears in all three collages.        

What can I say about the appearance of the word bacon in every collage?  It would be a shame for such a precious girl to truly wrap her identity around a pork product.  Maybe we call her "The Baconator" a little too frequently...


  1. As a teacher- don't worry about the spelling. You are either a good speller or you aren't. With all of our technology, spelling correctly is almost unnecessary lately.

    Even as a good speller, I get confused on my ai blends, so I can't spell words like marriage without getting the little red line. It's like rain-on-your-wedding-day ironic, isn't it?

    And the presence of bacon on all three lists just shows that you are raising that child right.

  2. Jennifer: And what is your excuse on smokin' thougts? Just sayin'. What's a home without bacon, right?

    PandaMom: I heart you.