Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Review: Gel Manicure Removal

Let's just start where we left off.  Shall we?

Due to FIVE snow days in two weeks and all the shuffling and rescheduling that resulted from that misery,  I was unable to return to FloMo nails to experience the surprise removal technique that Tiffany had yammered on about.

It was Saturday--fifteen days after the manicure.  Things were getting ugly.  Actually, they were a little obscene.  You see, the polish on my left middle finger has lifted off entirely.  My other fingers, barely a chip.  I felt like I was SCREAMING "sit and spin" to every person I saw.  And that is just so not me.  I'm just not one to tell people to "peel the banana", "to read between the lines" or that they are number one.  The gel just hard to go, and I mean PRONTO!  Mr. Incredible was off gallivanting on the Florida coast, so I had no choice but to Google "home gel manicure removal."

And the results were pretty conclusive.  You are going to have to do some work to get these puppies off, lady.  And work I did.

Here's what finally worked:

1.  Soak cotton balls with acetone and apply one to each nail.
2.  Wrap each finger in aluminum foil.
3.  Turn the blow dryer on each finger for about a minute.
4.  Sit by the fire and wait 15-20 minutes.
5.  Remove the foil and use toothpicks to scrape off as much as possible.
6.  Go back over each nail with acetone.  Remove the last traces with a nail file.

And plan to scare the children and men who come over to your home because your hands look like they belong to Frederica Krueger.  Let's just call it Nightmare on Reckless Street.


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