Thursday, February 3, 2011

Parental Guidance Strongly Suggested

Day three of the neverending snow day saga, and just like you, I am officially over this much togetherness and staying in my house.  If everyone has to stay home from school again tomorrow, I have a strong suspicion that someone is going to get hurt. 

Because I am going to have to cancel my facial.  And I have been waiting for this treat for weeks now. I LOVE a facial, and I am long overdue. 

Plus, my B&B trip to Fredricksburg with my friends has been cancelled.  The road are too dangerous. More snow is expected tonight, so we had to pull the plug...  And unfortunately, we can't reschedule until the summer.  The children are so disappointed that they don't get to have a daddy only weekend where they eat pizza for two nights and no one makes them bathe or change their clothing.  And I'm disappointed that I don't get to stay up for two nights talking about books and movies, listening to music, playing games, and possibly enjoying an adult beverage (or three).

We were able to LEAVE our home for a couple of hours today.  Mr. Incredible has an all-wheel drive vehicle, so we bundled everyone up, headed over to church to clean up from the Moms, Inc. meeting that did not happen on Tuesday (thanks for beating me to the punch, Miller.  You rock!), ran into the grocery store for coffee creamer (emergency!), and ate lunch at Pei Wei.  For once we did not have to wait even one minute for a table.  Un. heard. of. 

And I just now got a text saying that school is cancelled again tomorrow.  For the love of all things holy...

I think I'm just going to walk outside without my hat, coat, and gloves, lie down in the snow, and wait to die.  It will be far quicker and far less painful that way...  And no one else will get hurt.  And there will be no blood to clean up or try to get off of anyone's clothing.  Care to join me?

I told Mr. Incredible that in light of the unfortunate cancellation of my girls' weekend that he could feel free to board me on the next plane headed west.  Vegas or Southern California would be my top picks.  I really wouldn't have to worry about packing since I have three layers on already.  Just throw a toothbrush in my purse and go! 

Three words from Mr. Incredible on that: 


Hmph!  Darn!  You can't blame a frozen girl for trying to get the heck out of dodge, can you?

And now, for a little PG-13+ snow day fun, so that you might have a little giggle and walk two steps back from the edge of insanity...

If we have eaten Chinese together, you definitely know my game...

Did you read them all?  Can you guess which one is mine?  Now, go back to each one, read them out loud, and add "in bed" to the end of each fortune.  It makes me laugh every. single. time.  Yes, I already know I'm not that appropriate.


  1. The minute I read the first one I laughed out loud.

    And I had to resign and come to the Starbucks before I went all Shining...

    Everyone in FloMo that is not at the grocery store is here. Looking as desperate as I am.

  2. You weren't supposed to add that the first time around?!

  3. Jennifer, please don't go all Shining on us. Although, I may be hallucinating a little myself. "Here's Johnny!"

    Abby, if you know that game, how did you not know about "vegetable abuse"? Just sayin'.

  4. Funny! You're a great writer!!