Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Heart Was Singing

Yesterday was a glorious day!  The weather was gorgeous, and I got out in it a bit.  However, I chose to stay inside for most of the afternoon.  Quit shaking your head at me.  It was a wonderful decision.  And my allergies were kicking up something awful, and I had no "D" to get me through the day.  And Sam's and Costco were not on my list for the day. 

And you are probably wondering why I would choose to stay inside after the two weeks of unrelenting ice, snow, sleet, frozen Tundra that was North Texas...

I won't leave you in suspense any longer...

Okay, just a little longer because anticipation is half the fun...

Because I got to do something really awesome.

Better than awesome.

In fact, it was just plain RAD.

Something I had NEVER done before.

Something I have only dreamed about....

Alright.  I'm done.

I got to go roller skating, and the circumstances which led to this particular session of roller skating are pee-in-your-pants funny, but I'm not telling that story.  At least today.  It's too embarassing for even me.  I have to have a few secrets.  And I know that roller skating is not new to me, and my love of skating is not new to you.  I've shared that with you on here and elsewhere.  I've been to the ER with one of you after you broke both bones in your arm while skating with me.  I've beat a couple of you in the eighteen and over race.  I've skated my heart through afternoon VBS activities.  Some of you went to the private birthday party the girls had there.  I've heard my maiden name called from the snack bar as I crossed over through the turn (last summer--I thought I was hearing things for a minute.).  I've shared nachos in the snack bar with a few of you.  Some of us have grooved to the Cha Cha Slide on wheels or done the Hokey Pokey.  Some of you have chased me around the rink.  Several of you know that if I had planned my own birthday party that it would have been there, after hours, with an umbrella policy because of the beverages.  BTW... It would have been fabulous.  And there are still more birthdays.  You never know.

You already know I love to skate.

But yesterday, I got to skate alone.  And I don't just mean without one of my kids dragging me down next to me.  I mean alone.

It was a private rink.

Me and the wooden floor and the music and the lights.  And it was spectacular.

And I skated my little heart out for an hour and a half without stopping.  No breaks. 

Bonus left me alone.  It was like he knew this was a special time for mommy that he had better not screw around with.  And he and I skated a little first.  But, he doesn't love to skate yet, and he would rather fool around with the video games.  Plus, there was that small bribe I gave him,  "Let Mommy skate for a bit, and I will take you directly to Chuck E. Cheese and get $10 worth of tokens when I am done."  Which is like trading heaven for hell, if you ask me (I love you, William.  Glad it provides a good livelihood for you and the family.).  But we both got what we wanted.  And I was lucky enough to learn two things while at Chuck E. Cheese.  The first one is that starfish apparently have no brains, which is a fact that somehow managed to elude me until yesterday.  The other is more painful and less useful.  And, I believe, incorrect.  They announced that the song "Baby" by Justin Bieber says the word "baby" 55 times.  And I am the enormous dork who took that as a challenge and actually counted this word the next 3 times they played it.  I got 56 "baby" utterances.  Check it out for yourself if you dare...  William, you might want to talk to the people at the home office, stat.  Just sayin'.  You wouldn't want to feed incorrect drivel to our impressionable kids.  Useless drivel is one thing... 

Back to the skating... 
Sometimes I put all my power into it and went crazy fast.  Almost too fast at times because I'm not excellent at stopping when I'm going that fast.  Still working on that.  But I never fell, and I never lost control.  I went full bore for fifteen minute increments, and then I slowed because: a) I had only eaten a protein bar with three cups of half-caff coffee that morning, b) I was sweaty, and I hate to be all sweaty, c) it gets a little hot in there, and most importantly, d) the music changed and I can't fast skate to Taylor Swift.  I didn't even want to skate to Taylor Swift, let alone listen to her, but no one asked me.  Actually, there was no one to ask me; they were all working in the office.

While The Beatles played, I slowed down even more and felt the floor.  The ridges in the rink.  The skates rubbing on my calves.  And I weaved all over the floor because I didn't have to follow the rink direction.

After the blister and bruise I got yesterday, I have finally decided it is time to break down and buy the big girl skates from here.  Green wheels are not optional.  Maybe I can get on that right after New York.  Gotta focus on that itinerary right now.

All I can say about this event is that it was sheer indulgence that I just happened upon.  Am I a lucky girl or what?

Next time I'm bringing my own IPod.  With a soundtrack of Evanescence, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Clash, Boston, Wings, The Beastie Boys, War, Saturday Night Fever, KC & the Sunshine Band, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, a smidge of Lynyrd Skynyrd (what good Samford graduate doesn't have this on his/her life soundtrack--It picks me up when I'm feeling blue. Now how 'bout you?  Tell the truth.), Queen, Ben Folds Five, The Cars.  And, okay, a little Level 42, Modern English, and Simply Red to warm up and cool down with.  And, yes, Alabama, because even people who abhor country music would have to admit that "The Closer You Get" and "Take Me Down" are sultry, delicious songs if they would listen to them.  They won't listen to them though.  And that just leaves more for those of us who know the truth about that.

For those ninety minutes, I had my own personal Xanadu moment.  I hope I get another...

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