Saturday, January 29, 2011

What do you mean? How can you be out of Affliction shirts?

Mr. Incredible and I were out shopping for a new shirt and tie for his last little jaunt when we saw these little beauties, which caused us to:

1) laugh hysterically
2) draw a little too much unwanted attention to ourselves

Pretty much an average day... 

  Vinegar and water times two...

Not the right jacket for your interview... or anything

Pretty hilarious because we both ran straight to these items and said, "This is just what you (I) need."  I just couldn't stomach taking a picture of the jeans with the gold panthers on the back pockets, but believe me, they were something.   There was also that male sales associate who was giving me the evil eye. I think he may have the aforementioned items hanging in his closet....  I scampered on over to the shoe department. 

Made me wonder about the person who will actually buy these.  I've been tired of the Ed Hardy deal since.... well, since it was first introduced.  Why don't they just make a shirt that says Massengill? 

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