Monday, January 17, 2011

There's a Bright Side to Everything

I just had the most huge, delicious steaming cup of coffee in my hands.  And then, I watched in slow motion as I dropped it and fumbled it all the way to the ground.  Of course,  sixteen ounces of coffee and creamer splashed all over my kitchen, and more importantly, my favorite pink Minnie Mouse coffee mug from the land of Mickey hit the tile and is now in many pieces.  The death of a good thing.  Sigh.

I have done a half job cleaning the floor as the whole thing needs a cleaning, and I would not want one clean spot to stand out from the rest of the floor.  There is still coffee in the pot, so I can get another cup.  I have other mugs, even if they have not yet reached the level of greatness assigned to the Minnie mug. 

This was the second time the Minnie mug had been smashed to bits (Miss Proper did it the first time).  Mr. Incredible replaced it for me when he visited Mickey without me last year (a crime I tell you).  He has a trip to Orlando coming up, and he can replace it for me when he goes.  They may even have a Daisy mug (Daisy Duck is my favorite Disney character) instead!

But for now, I've taken over Mr. Incredible's Mickey mug.  When I got it out of the cabinet and started filling it, Mr. Incredible looked at it and me and asked if I could be trusted with it.  My answer was, "I'm not sure."  I wasn't really kidding either.

He still let me use it and gave me a hug, too.  That's what I call love.    


  1. Thanks for the walk! Love the new look of your blog, too! ; )

  2. We also have his-and-hers Mickey and Minnie mugs. I would cry real tears if mine got broken.
    You seem to be having bad luck with spillages in your kitchen lately, eh? :)