Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Surprise, Surprise

Well, you've been waiting patiently for all the birthday details, and I am finally ready to gush spill.  I had to get signed releases for some of these photos.  You know, litigious culture and all.  I think I'm fully legal now.  Plus, it didn't seem right to go on and on before I had written all the thank you notes.  I have three left.  I decided that qualifies enough.  Now, I just have to get some stamps....

On to the 40th birthday extravaganza that you have all been waiting for....    

Mr. Incredible is usually not much of a planner which means I'm the planner in our family.  You can stop laughing at any time.  Ahem...  Now would be an excellent time.

At any rate, a couple of birthdays back, I had the infamous "Braum's Birthday," and Mr. Incredible realized that he was going to have to pick it up a notch for the 40th.  And there was that wee little post challenging encouraging him to get cracking on my party...  Because I wanted a party, and although I can throw a nice shindig when I want to, I didn't want to have to throw my own 40th birthday party.  It seemed slightly desperate.  And I'm really many degrees above "slightly".

So, Mr. Incredible read the post.  He gave me the look.  I gave him a look back.  He gave me another look and shook his head....  He told me I am a piece of work.  You get the picture.

The idea was to give him a gentle prod.  You know, the electric kind with which cattle are aquainted.

Well, my sweet husband got the picture.

And now, you will get the pictures, too.

But, first, you must read the story.  Yes, I am a big meanie teasing you this way.

The night before my birthday Mr. Incredible & I made a little pact.  He made me promise that no matter what happened the next day that I would not get mad.  I tried to make him promise that I would not have to eat at Braum's, Whataburger, or a Trough and a Sneeze Guard.  He was not going to back down from his original request, and I begrudgingly agreed that I would not be mad even if he took me to dinner at Braum's (and I'm not bashing Braum's--I love their chow but it's not birthday fare).  And then I begged him not to let us wind up at Braum's. Hug and a handshake. 

Enter the BIG birthday...  Mr. Incredible had a crafty plan.  He knows I sniff out a surprise like I used to find a curdled milk sippie cup.  You catch a whiff, you ask the people around you if they smell something too, they say yes, and you follow your noses until you get to the bottom of the toy box or underneath the back seat of the van or to the offending diaper bag that could NEVER be used again.

But, as Mr. Incredible is wise to my nose, he decided to throw a little distraction my way.  On my real birthday, as I sat down to a cup of coffee, the doorbell rang.  Before I knew what was happening, these amazing friends of mine invaded my kitchen.  Breakfast and presents magically appeared!  However, I was a little under dressed for the occasion because one of my invaders was male.  I had to run up stairs, throw my jammies in the hamper, and throw on the first clothes that I encountered.  I think I may have decided to brush my teeth and wash my face, too.  I did not do my hair though.  It had already been seen in all of its unruly, curly glory.  And I wanted to get back to these sweet people ASAP.

So, we ate and drank and chatted and almost blew up my new microwave.  Ever put a metallic paper party plate in your microwave?  Not such a good idea.  Ever do it twice in the same morning?  Well, let's just say we didn't quite have our minds wrapped around where the burning smell came from the first time.  Yeah, we'll blame it on that...

I enjoyed my friends and their gifts, and some stayed until around lunch time.  A couple even shopped in my closet.  Which I love.  I'll do my best to accessorize you any ole time you ask.  I'll also tell you if your pants are too short or too big (but only if you ask me about how your clothes fit... I'm not a ticket-writing fashion officer).

I told my husband it was an excellent surprise and that he had pulled it off masterfully.  I was proud of his efforts.  It was a wonderful birthday...friends in the morning, mani/pedi in the afternoon, and Japanese food at the new Hibachi restaurant with my family for dinner.  He managed to exceed my expectations and make the day special and wonderful for me.

But, like I said he was scheming and conspiring behind my back.  This morning kitchen ambush had been my fake party.  Like this post title, he had a double surprise for me.  And I have one for you, too...  I'm splitting this up into a couple of posts.  Y'all come back now, you hear!

Birthday Pedi in a gorgeous black green and "Regina's Pajamas"


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  1. we wait with bated breath for the next installment... sorry i missed 40, it sounds like it was a good time... mr. incredible came through big, which is great... the toes were perfect...