Friday, January 28, 2011

Surprise, Surprise: Part Deux

I know, I know... It was cruel and unusual of me to leave you hanging for a month and then leave you hanging in the middle of one of my incredibly long-winded tales.  Forgive me?

Okay!  I love you, too.

So, my "real" birthday came and went with fanfare and surprises, and then, I moved on.  There was Christmas shopping and wrapping to finish.  I needed to prepare for our New Year's Eve party (this is our "thing"--drop by next New Year's--we will be open around 9:00). 

Mr. Incredible had not followed the list line by line, but he had managed to come up with a wonderfully intimate day for me.  And then, he was sure to tell me how well he knows me and that he doesn't need a list from me to make me happy.  Touche'!  Mr. Incredible: 41,284.  Reckless: 37.  Not that I'm counting or anything.  At least I can admit when I am wrong....

I was a little slow sending out the usual New Year's Evite.  Mr. Incredible told me he would let me focus on Christmas wrapping and menus and cleaning for the parental Christmas company, and he would be a dear and send out the Evite for me.

I thought this was inspired.

He told me he sent the Evite, and, periodically, I would ask,

Did you remember to invite so-and-so?

Yes, Dear.

Is so-and-so coming?

Yes, Dear.

Can you add so-and-so?

Yes, Dear.

Etc., etc., etc...

All I had to do was clean the house, prepare the food, and wait to enjoy a good, long evening with about 40 of our friends.

Mr. Incredible is a great help around our home, but he was unusually helpful in the time period between my birthday and New Year's Eve.  For "some reason" he decided to paint the hideous chandelier black after years of nagging asking. 

Notice the Newly Improved Chandelier.  Better after.  Can't find a before right now. 
 He decided it would be an excellent time to clean the carpets (which were admittedly disgusting).  He painted a lamp, a metal entry table, and a mirror.  He touched up paint.  Wait a minute.  He actually touched up paint and baseboards!

We bought a new tv (another story, another day) and a new entertainment console to put it on (don't you just love Costco?).  He rearranged the family room furniture (which looks so much better).  He hung a few pictures.  He smiled when I bought some new branches and flowers for the vase on the fireplace, which he might usually grunt at.  HE CLEANED HIS OFFICE.  Are you hearing this?  It was like I had entered The Twilight Zone.  There was nary a paper to be seen.  I did push his buttons just a tiny, wee bit when I asked him if the cardboard box on top of his armoire could be placed elsewhere.  And, I took the hint and backed off. The box stayed.  It's probably still there, but I don't care anymore.

When friends called or I ran into them, they told me they would see me on New Year's Eve and asked what they could bring.  I would tell them just to bring themselves like I usually do and that we looked forward to having them in our home.  I went shopping at Costco, Sam's and the Krogert for the food and champagne. 

New Year's Eve was here!  I readied the food, dressed the tables, readied myself, and right about that time, the doorbell rang.  I was busy putting out the shrimp, so Mr. Incredible grabbed the door.  It was two couples at the same time. Both the girls had on green.  Super Dave had a green shirt on, too.  And Mike had on a weird lime green fishing shirt.  I thought Mike's shirt choice was a little odd because he is normally a Hawaiian shirt kind of guy, but whatever.  I commented on the pretty green sweater Janet was wearing and on the green beads Momma Wolg had on.

The fishing shirt.  Let's keep that on the boat, Mike.
They came in, got drinks, and we all started chatting.  After that, people were arriving quickly.  And there was a good bit of green (Mr. Incredible had asked everyone to wear green because it is my favorite color), but I had not made the connection yet. I was busy getting drinks and taking coats and purses and trying to get around to speak to everyone.  Mr. Incredible took a moment to make me and JMom our matching green apple martinis.  And I took a few minutes to sip on it and chat with her because we don't get to see each other as often as we would like right now.  And I love her. 

Then, Mr. Incredible asked me if I could get the door, which was weird because he was right next to it.  And he wasn't doing anything.  I probably shot him a nasty look because Abby, Melissa, Jennifer, Becky, JMom and I were busy talking (which is the most serious business ever), but I walked over and opened the door.

My initial confused reaction upon seeing my mom and dad


Mr. Incredible had flown my baby sister in from California for my "real"surprise party.

And my parents came up from Houston, too!
My sister left her five children and husband on New Year's Eve and flew from California to be there for my party!!!!  And, of course, I started crying and couldn't stop.  Presents appeared from nowhere.  Apparently, everyone had stashed them in the front yard as they came in.  I can't believe you all brought presents.  So not required, but thank you.  Before I could catch my breath, Mr. Incredible swooped into the kitchen with "the" cake.  Only he had actually had them customize it for me.  It had been zebra stripes when I pointed it out to RNR. 

Mr. Incredible's speech thanking everyone for keeping the surprise and helping him pull off the party
A sweet birthday serenade
People continued to pop in until a little before midnight.  Forty-five people had wished me "Happy Birthday!" when I quit counting.  And that was before 10.  It was an amazing evening, and what a gift that Mr. Incredible went to such lengths to surprise me and give me the party I wanted.  He has now set the precedent for the rest of the husbands whose wives are turning forty this year.  There was already grumbling about how he is going to make them all look bad.  And that was before the party...
Momma Wolg, you had me at the ring...

My fellow green lover Annette.  I can't believe she did not buy this scarf for herself!  That's a friend!

Janet explaining that she had channeled my inner derby queen and found this "Vixen" martini glass.  There was also some talk about whether the card should have said fabulous or centrigrade.  Mike, I'm with you.  Centigrade.

JMom and I giggling because she gave me alcohol-infused chocolate whipped cream.  Then, she said that Mr. Incredible and I would have to try it out later and let everyone else know if they needed some because we are the real pros.  With my dad about three feet from her.  Blush.
The Birthday Martini glass my mom brought for me and insisted I must use.  Pear with a Champagne floater.  Crisp, floral.
We know you like each other... Get some Creme, pronto.
Ever seen him look this happy before?  Me neither.  It was Squirt in his cup, btw...

You know you are loved when the Popeye shirt comes out of the privacy of one's home and into your birthday party.

Standing behind me as always, Mr. Incredible--the man that made it all happen.  We think this picture looks crazy, but somehow it was the only one we managed to take together all night.  He looks like he's growing out of my shoulder. 
It's hard to shake a parasite. 

The party wound down around 1.  JMom and JPop and Kernsie and Jamie stayed til about 2:30, and I was glad to have them to myself for a bit. 

And my sister!  She got to stay until January 3, so we got to walk, go out to for Mexican, watch The Hangover again, watch a couple of ridiculously bad movies, take the kids to the movies, go out for sushi, go to church, and spend lots of time laughing until she cried and I peed over things like "poop in the pants, shut up, (scream) aaahhh," "girl wieners," and "primeval".  It's the kind of stuff that only sisters can share.  I'm so glad she got to meet so many of my friends (even Pandamom!) and spend a little time in my home.  Her surprise appearance made the whole turning 40 experience completely worth it. 

Finally, as if it was all not enough already, I really do get to go to New York in April!!!!!

I will finally get to have frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity, stroll through Central Park, have a martini at the Peacock Alley Bar, see a show on Broadway, shop until I drop, gaze at amazing artwork, hail a cab, and ride the subway.  Who knows what else I'll get to do there!  What an exciting adventure to look forward to. Yes, I promise there will be pictures; I'm taking a photographer...



  1. Your writing exudes joy and love. What an amazing celebration of you, and to be surrounded by all your most special people. Wishing you many, many more.

  2. Sorry to have missed the party, but my phone calls were quite humorous in themselves.

    You make 40 look GREAT!!!

    Can't wait for NYC......... I think I might ♥ it. ; )

  3. karen,
    it's nice to see you here. and glad you got to take your own special birthday trip.

    your phone calls were priceless. "um... who's there? what ate they wearing?" i'm sorry you missed the party, too, but we'll have our own celebration soon!!!!