Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Soup's On...


Santa Fe Ranch soup apparently has major aerodynamic properties cooked into it.  When RNR knocked the bowl off the shelf right above the drawers and it fell to its death on the floor, soup splashed all the way up to the inside roof of the refrigerator.  I had to clean soup off of the light bulb, the yogurt, the inside of the refrigerator drawers.  It may not look that bad in these pictures, but it took me nearly an hour to clean up this accidental disaster.  And then, I dropped part of the mess again on the way over to the prep sink (where I was going to rinse my rag full of corn and beans--gross).  You don't get to see pictures of that.  Just imagine a mom with the top of her head exploding and soup on her feet and the floor. 

And this was not even the worst part of my Tuesday. I'm so glad we managed to make it to Wednesday.  RNR is better and went back to school.  Bonus is off at a playdate with one of his best buds.  Miss Proper WORE MAKEUP to school FOR THE FIRST TIME.  I have a little book study class tonight for Holy Available.  Mr. Incredible comes home tonight. 

Today, I think will be a good day.  However, when I planned my menu for this week, I had soup on the menu for tonight.  I'm not sure I'm going to take the risk.  It might just be a pizza night...   

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