Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Life Outside the Reckless Portal

Being the nosy person that I am,  I frequently poke around other blogs to see what's out there.  Some I follow and read every post, others I visit occasionally, and still others I visit once and never repeat.

Two posts I have read in the past month have jarred me enough that I have continued to think about them.  I'm a bit of a processor.  I take a bite and chew and chew and chew.  With both of these posts, I'm still chewing, and my figurative jaw is beginning to ache.  Plus, I'm a bit of a dolt.  It just takes me a good, long while sometimes. 

One of these posts is from a blog I generally read each time he puts up a post.  We went to college together, we went to poetry readings together, and we did group work through many English courses together.  He is an extremely creative man with his mind and his hands.  Not every man can say he has quilted or crocheted a hat, but he can.  At any rate, his post was entitled, "I'm really struggling, and how are you?"  I so appreciate his willingness to share that he is asking himself some pretty serious questions.  Some of his thoughts deeply penetrated my heart, particularly his comment that "God wanted to invade human reality literally then in the Christmas miracle--and still expects to do the same thing with all of us, his children" and his challenge for himself that if God's presence in his life is at times inconvenient or uncomfortable that he should make changes in his life that make it "more consistent with what God needs me to do" rather than run or hide or ask God to change His mind.     

The other blog is one I have visited sporadically over the past few months, but recently, I decided to subscribe because I believe he is wise and genuine.  

I also went to college (different school) with this man.  He lived in the dorm right next to mine, and the way I met him is a GOOD story.  Ready?

I was a lowly freshman at Biola University.  Trying to get acquainted with the ins and outs of campus culture, I began half-listening to the college radio station.  I believe there were approximately fifteen listeners although I may be overestimating this number by fourteen.  At any rate, while I was tuned to Biola Radio there was a call-in contest.  And because I was half-listening, I knew to call in.  However, I missed the announcement of what the prize was.  I figured I was going to win a cassette of Russ Taff or some other such goodie (if you are unfamiliar with Russ Taff, you are not alone.  If you are, you might enjoy this blog.  Long live Undercover and Crumbacher!  And all I can say now is "Dude!").  So, I happen to know the answer to the question asked, and I press the digits and say, "Russ Taff" and the name of the song (believe it or not I can't remember the title of the song, but I know it was on the Medals album).  

Yes, I won.  I won big.  But there was no cassette.  There was no album poster.  No Biola t-shirt.  No concert tickets.

I won a date.

And I had a boyfriend.


People, that is what happens when you half-listen.  It's usually not that pretty.  Open your ears that they may hear; open your eyes that they may see.  Just a little advice from THE LORD and one who has frequently half-listened. 

So, this "date" calls me, and we talk.  I immediately think he seems like a really swell guy, so we make some plans to meet one another.  I do tell him I am practically betrothed.  He is totally cool with that.  Eventually, we meet and become excellent friends and are able to help each other through some of life's bumps. 

Yeah, cool guy. Cool story, right?

But the aforementioned blogger is not the cool guy.  He was the cool guy's sidekick.  But, he was a cool guy, too, and I came to call him friend as well.  Later, I dated his brother for around half a year about five lifetimes ago.

Can you say AWKWARD? A.W.K.W.A.R.D. (Say this with a high pitched lilt while tilting your head to the left and rolling your eyes to the right).

And that was a messy and ugly little relationship.  And when the brother and I broke up, in the most loving way possible he said, "I told you so."  And he had.  And I had half-listened to wise council.   

And it all happened because I half-listened to the campus radio station.

Long story to tell you that his post, "The Art of Christmas Lights" and the picture he created of #284 worked with the post over at "Who's Wearing the Trousers?" fka "Mixed Messages" to remind me that joy is a constant.  I needed to be reminded that happiness is a state of emotion. Joy is a permanent condition affixed to the soul of a believer.  It's not just word choice.  The world may interchange these words but I need to remember that in moments of life they can and may be mutually exclusive.  I can have joy in times of great sorrow because Jesus lives! 

That preaching is not for you; it's for me.  But the clue-in to a couple of blogs I'm eating up, that is for you.  You can thank me now.  Cash money or gorgeous size 6 heels preferred.

Seriously, you people are GOLDEN!  Like pirate booty, I tell ya!  And we all want booty.  Yeah, yeah, I'm shutting up now. 

Peace out.

Joyfully serving the master along side you,
Reckless xxoo 

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