Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm back. I'm back. "And I'm eating my Cal 70."

 Only you can't buy Cal 70 anymore (that I know of), so it's Voskos Greek yogurt for me.  Honey flavor.  And if you know that reference to Cathy then you are probably at least as old as I am.

Happy New Year, Ladies (and Gentlemen)!  Yeah, boys, I guess I have to fully acknowledge that you are here reading.  I don't really mind that you read over your wife's shoulder.  But she might.  Better ask.  I hate it when someone reads over my shoulder.  Makes me want to bust them in the grill.  Just a little FYI there. 

Yes, I crossed over.  I turned 40 two short weeks ago, and so far so good.  I know I haven't anything to say since then, but, people, I have been speechless.  Yes, I know; you are shocked as I am so rarely speechless.  But, I'm really am still grappling for words and sorting through some emotions.  I'll be able to describe all my birthday surprises to you in a day or two.  With pictures.  And possibly a green Bret Michael's do-rag (Don't ask. You'll laugh if this applies to you.).  Have a little patience.  I hear it is a virtue.

In the meantime, I will tell you that I had a lovely Christmas with my little clan and my parents.  The presents blessings were overflowing.  I ate three and a half lobster tails (they were smallish), asparagus with olives, capers, and tomatoes, a mashed potato casserole, and red velvet cheesecake at Christmas dinner, so I was gastronomically happy.  And now my jeans are tighter than ever.  Ugh. 

2011 is off to a goodish start.  I'm not a resolution girl, but I am working on some changes.  I've started a new Bible study, and I am pondering the labels that can be applied to me.  And which labels I would like to lose.  I'm trying not to cry during the discussion of this book.  Mainly because it's with the Executive Pastor (say that out of the side of your mouth with your teeth clenched together because it's unbelievably funny).  And he just doesn't know me very well.  Not like the guys in my Sunday morning Bible study.  They know I cry at the drop of a hat.  They are also fairly used to me saying inappropriate things about the correlation between ketchup consumption and prostate gland health.  Executive Pastor not so much.

Mr. Incredible and I have also been tackling some housekeeping items.  For instance, he painted the hideous chandelier black after my many requests.  And he has admitted that I was right about it all along.  I think his favorite part is that it only cost him about $24 (and maybe 2-3 hours).  I don't think he would tell me I was right if it cost $300...  :)  It looks AMAZINGLY better.  You should come see.  But, call first because Bonus has been in the powder room again, and it is not quite guest-ready.

Birthday bash update soon.  Pinkie swear.      

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  1. Every rose has it's thorn. Every 40 year old has a do-rag. Every grin is worth it. ; )