Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bragging Alert

Who doesn't love an excellent bargain?

I bought a 32 load bottle of Wisk detergent for 25 cents.  Are you completely impressed with my bargainista talent?  I totally am.  Even Mr. Incredible had to admit that 25 cents for detergent rocks (even if it isn't Tide).  Now, be a copycat and wiggle off to Walmart with your $2.00 off Wisk coupon.  I also got five two liters for one dollah at The Krogert.  Check those coupons they print out for you.  Sometimes they are free money. 

This may just be my new hobby.  If I continue saving this much money on groceries, just think of all the shoes I can buy...  And with that comment, I receive the look from Mr. Incredible.  I think I'd better shut it.  Happy saving!


  1. 25 cents?! Now THAT is a killer deal for detergent. I miss the great prices of Texas; Charlotte is so much more expensive at the grocery store.

    Thanks for the cute jeans comment over at Maranda's. You made me smile :) Have a wonderful weekend and best wishes to you and your family!

  2. This is just additional proof of your awesomeness!