Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Yes, I Still Have 4 Suitcases To Unpack

Mr. Incredible and I did not take the children on a "real" vacation (read: somewhere besides Gaga and Grampy's house) this summer because:

A).  We took the two of us to Naples, Fl for Mr. Incredible's 20th reunion,
B).  We were broke after we went to Naples.

Enough explanation.

We decided that we would surprise the children by taking them to San Antonio before we drove on down to my parents' house near Houston. 
You made us ride in the car for 5 hours to see this house with no furniture?

The Alamo is not quite as large as I pictured it during 7th grade Texas History at Bammel Middle School. And, although I had been told this before, I was still surprised that it is so dinky.

Dinner on the Riverwalk
We were here.

I don't get to ride the Steel Eel.

I guess I have to ride the Steel Eel...

Thank you, Stranger, for letting us all get in on one.

Bonus' first roller coaster ride, The Shamu Express
Yep, he is now addicted, like the mama!

There is something very wrong about being molested by a furry otter.

One, two, three of us love The Count more than Telly.  Poor Telly!  He can't get no love.

Some drowned rats
The Trip to Paris (one of the many hilarious names Bonus gave to The Journey To Atlantis)

Time to leave.  Bonus is bawling because we didn't buy him a glowing sword.  Hasn't mentioned it since.
And now, I have to go unpack a couple suitcases...