Thursday, December 16, 2010

"I'm a model, you know what I mean and I do my little turn on the catwalk..."

A little Right Said Fred always makes me smile.  How 'bout you?

Recently, the always inappropriate dinner conversation at our home got exceptionally funny and then turned to a very teachable spiritual moment on the nature and character of God.

First, the funny stuff...

We were talking about the upcoming movie Gnomeo and Juliet .  I, of course, broke out into song at the mere mention of this title.  Some of you also live in a musical and would have appreciated a little Pointer Sisters, "Fire" to accompany your spaghetti and meatballs and to round out the dinner shennanigans.  Well, this anthem of mine led to a discussion on Samson and Delilah where Miss Proper likened Samson to everyone's favorite bodice-ripping model from the eighties.  Don't you think Samson probably looked a little like Fabio?  We do.  Pre losing his hair and eyes anyway. 

Of course, RNR is completely lost because she doesn't know what Fabio looks like, and Bonus is lost because he is four.   So, we both start explaining the story to them including what Samson was not supposed to do as a Nazarite... mess around in a vineyard, cut his hair, touch dead things.  Bonus was particularly fascinated with the idea of eating honey out of a lion's carcass.  He ran with that and went off on his own little zombie tangent that we were unable to reclaim him from for a good long while.  RNR did not understand why Samson had to lose his strength when Delilah tricked him.  She thought it not fair.  And I understood that because I remembered reading certain Bible stories like Samson and Delilah, Cain and Abel, and Ananais and Sapphira and thinking, "Whoa.  That just doesn't seem fair." 

So, we grabbed a Bible and talked about how God is holy.  And we talked about what holiness means and how each of these people knew what God's standards were and how they each failed miserably like we do.  And, we may have scrambled RNR's brain a little by explaining how it really was fair and continues to be fair.  We may have even scrambled our own minds because it's hard to fully comprehend how such an amazing, holy, fair, and just God could show such great mercy, grace, and love on us by dwelling with us. 

It was all getting a little too heavy, so we googled Fabio.         


  1. Do you know that once upon a time you could have Fabio call someone and discuss running away to a foreign island with them and a tub of I can't believe it's not butter?

    You can, because The Aunt arranged for it to happen to me.


  2. So interesting because Matthew and I were having our own Fabio discussion the other day because of the newest commercial he's in. He doesn't get it but was relieved when I told him I didn't find Fabio attractive in the 90s because I was into the "tall brown hair dorky looking" kind of guys anyways. At least the look of annoyance he gave me told me he was relieved. :)