Saturday, December 4, 2010

Good News

In the world according to Bonus, I will neither be old nor a "grome up" until I am


Phew.... I'm glad he finally told me.  I guess he was enjoying watching his mama sweat it out.

Speak it, sweet child of mine.  I thought I only had eighteen days left before I turned officially old.  Not that I have a mental countdown to my 40th birthday going or anything.  Now, I can rest easy for five more years.   

Other good news...

The Christmas transformation has begun at my home.  Yes, I realize I am way behind all you other people with organizers and schedules and Christmas notebooks and the like.  Remember, I took my children on vacation for Thanksgiving, and then I was exhausted.  Plus, RNR Princess had strep throat this week, and Miss Proper was nursing a nasty cold.  We did not have the strength or manpower to decorate.  Hey, at least I finally took down the pumpkins and gourds on December 2.  I did not say I had put them away yet, but they are no longer on my front porch with my dead plant. 

The Christmas tree is up and about one-third of the ornaments are hung.  I've only had to banish Bonus one time for throwing a stuffed moose at the coffee table which was, of course, full of my most breakable ornaments.  The damage was the most expensive ornament I owned in approximately one thousand shards of mercury glass.  Que sera sera.  At least I won't have to pack that one up at the end of the season.

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  1. I am glad that Christmas is beginning to take over your home. Enjoy the lights tonight!