Thursday, December 2, 2010

Enjoy the Silence

I know I incessantly chatter about major (and some minor) appliances on here, but as I am a housewife, they are a pretty big part of my life.  If they are not cooperating, my frustration builds.  When my frustration builds, I get cranky.  And when I get cranky, you are likely to hear about it.

Well, several months ago my dryer started making an awful squeal.  I liken it to a cat in heat.  Mr. Incredible assured me it was the belt slipping and told me not to worry my pretty little head.  I dutifully said, "okay" and learned to keep the door to the laundry room shut most of the time.  And this worked for us until Monday.

On Monday, I thought I heard someone chewing rocks atop the a cat in heat in my laundry room.  Children wailed, "Please, Mama, make it stop."  It really was excruciating, and even though my humble home has two levels and a good bit of square footage, we could not escape the torment. 

I wanted to make it stop but, the clothes were sopping.  I was unable to relieve our agony until the load was dry.  The rock chewing continued for about the next hour. 

Although my faith in his abilities was a little shaky, Mr. Incredible bought the parts, disassembled the dryer, sucked up all the lint and made it good as new for about $60.  There were not even any leftover parts.  And no cussing or throwing of wrenches or pliars.  Pretty much a miracle.  And now, my laundry room is free of fertile felines and rock biters, and I am grateful to press start and slowly walk out of the laundry room without fear of hearing loss.  It's a beautiful thing.  Enjoying the silence.  

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