Saturday, November 6, 2010

I Don't Think I Should Have To Pay The Pig. I Bought The Darn Thing, Afterall

So, I was driving in the crazy intersection by Lowe's, Target, WalMart, and the Shops.  And, of course, like each and every time one drives in this intersection, peril was at my doorstep.  This time I really did almost get killed by a driver pulling out of the Lowe's parking lot and into my lane. 

Because it was a near-death experience, I let a little word slip out.  It's the one that starts with "Shhh" and ends with "It's in the closet." 

Now, I rarely cuss.  I did have about six weeks in a certain semester in college where I might have been mistaken for a sailor, but I stopped it.  It's just something I was personally convicted about one morning many years ago when a certain unbecoming word that rhymes with "duck" flew out of my mouth before my feet even hit the floor in the morning.  It was one of the those times where God spoke loud and clear to my heart and told me, "You are not created to be like this."  And I heard the disappointment and concern and knew that I needed to change.  I do have the occasional slip, but it really is not a place where I struggle continually.

So, my four year old had never heard such a word before, and, of course, I heard the word come from the backseat in his lispy little voice.  And I decided that I would just let that lie instead of explaining why it is a word that grown-ups shouldn't use but sometimes do.  Or how it was not a word for him to use EVER.  I'm pretty sure this was a limited case of in-one-ear-and-out-the-mouth.  I haven't heard it since, and I am thankful because that is one case where what I said was not worth remembering.

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