Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Can you believe it? I took some pictures.

Yeah, yeah...I'm not a camera mom.  I have an excellent photographic memory though, so that works for me.  One of my best pals gives me an extra hard time about not taking pictures, so I'm trying to get better about it.  I bought a little point-and-shoot camera that fits in my pocket or purse.  The big one is such a chore to lug around, so I often just left it at home rather than be bothered.  Maybe this will help me.  Maybe not. 

I am all busy getting ready for Christmas.  I have a bunch to say, but I have to go to the post office and fight the hoards to get a postmark on a rebate form for Mr. Incredible's Christmas gift that he bought himself a few weeks ago.  It's not my favorite thing to have in the house, but it's a nice enrichment for his bromances.  I also have to do a little holiday outfit returning.  If my kids would just go to the store with me, it would make this task so much easier.  They only purport to like shopping.  It's a lie.

Anyway, until I get finish with the wrapping, cleaning, trimming, etc... I'll post a few pics of the past month.  Hopefully, I'll get back to you with the good stuff before Friday.

My Little Pretties in the Annual Pose

Miss Proper and her partners in crime good friend ;)

Hope all had a Thanksgiving like we did. 

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