Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Attack of the Space Invaders

You may know them as Close Talkers...

A few days ago, I had an encouter of the close kind with a complete stranger at Lowes.  As Mr. Incredible and I stood at the checkout counter a man came up behind me in line and invaded the personal space of my backside.  Hey, I love to be close to people, but this was ridiculous.  Maybe even turdiculous, which is Miss Proper's verbal invention. Look for "turdiculous" on Urban Dictionary.  Miss Proper packs a poetic license just like her parents.

So, Mr. Incredible and I termed this man a Space Invader in a sentimental nod to the Atari game we all loved in the early 80's and added that to the rest of the bizarre converation of that impromptu date which also included the discussion of vanity plates that tell you what kind of car the owner is driving.  The example that day was "TBENZ1".

To the driver of that vehicle, thank you ever so much for providing me with that information.  I would have never known what kind of car you were driving if it were not for your vanity plate.  I might have mistaken your car for a Yugo.  Thank you also for immediately letting me know that we probably could never be friends.  I'm sure you are a lovely person and all, but unless your husband ordered that plate for you without your knowledge, you are not my kind of girl.   

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