Friday, October 1, 2010

Three and a Half Hours Later...

...I look almost exactly like I did going into the hair salon.  Only I'm now $$$ poorer.  And I was told that I can't go any blonder because my hair doesn't like it.  Hmph!  Yes, I did point my nose up in the air at that.

I do love getting my hair done on a Friday though.  Sitting under a dryer for forty-five minutes reading People with no one interrupting me is pretty much a dream.

As to the Last Hair-rah,  I'm still working on rocking the long hair.  When you are curly, it takes twice as long because curly hair really has to have the weight to pull it down.  For a long time, it just gets puffier and puffier.  When I straighten it out, it might be at the base of my neck.  Maybe it will be at the base of my neck without straightening it by my birthday.  I'll have my big eighties hair back by the time I'm forty-two.  

1 comment:

  1. How frustrating! I am also struggling with the decision to "grow it out." However, mine is straight, so it is a completely different adventure. Sigh...