Friday, October 8, 2010

Can You Spell Why? You Mean the Letter Y? No, Why? Why Don't I Give You a Sentence?

I'm pretty sure that nobody else can boast that when helping children learn spelling words that the lyrics of a Kajagoogoo song were sung.  These were followed by a rousing rendition of "Rocky Mountain High."    Yes, that is exactly how we roll.  They have to learn it.  You might as well make it memorable and enjoyable.  Gwen Stefani is awesome for learning to spell a certain fruit.  As long as RNR is able to only sing in her head during the test.  And I can see her busting out in song in the middle of class because that little girl not only lives in a musical, she actually IS a musical.  Ask her about Hemfanotalee sometime.  You'll see what I mean.

I know I've been spotty on here lately.  I really haven't had much to say (I know you are in a serious state of disbelief).  Plus, I have a bad case of the Blahs.  The blahs were served with a double portion of discouragement.  And even though the indigestion was AWFUL, I have decided to have a dessert of not talking about it, also called avoidance.  It's my specialty, I'm afraid.  I'm working on it.  Kinda.  Maybe.  Ok, not as much as I should.  I'll get right on that. Stat. 

What have I been up to?  Lots of lunches with pals, LOTS of shopping, an embarassing and uncomfortable dinner with friends, huge disappointments, softball games with crying and bat throwing because of bad calls by the most evil ump who ever walked on God's green earth (there may be no crying in baseball, but I assure you that there is and always will be crying in softball), crafting (against my will, of course), very little cleaning, and many loads of laundry (ah... the status quo.  I can always count on Tide.).  It's just life getting in the way.  It's a three day weekend with ONLY two softball games, one birthday party, one baby shower, one meeting and, of course, worship.  We will see if I can get caught up here and elsewhere.  

Today's Friday favorite is lunch with a friend who makes me laugh.  Hysterically.  Even if I am the kind of girl who more often than not laughs on inside only.  I could use some of that kind of medicine today.  I may OD.      

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  1. Found myself singing "Puff the Magic Dragon," last night while discussing phonetics with Bro. They just stared at me.