Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Yes, I am a hooptie hottie.

Yesterday I could not believe my eyes.  Waiting in line to pick up RNR from the elementary school, I spied a Maserati Quattroporte.  What?  In my hood?  Really?  And neither Jessica Simps nor a Cowboy was  driving this vehicle.  Just a brunette with a ponytail. I did hear that Deion Sanders recently moved nearby so that his son could play for our local high school.  Don't know about that for sure.  I thought he lived in Prosper, but I guess he could easily buy a home around here to allow his son to play for whatever team he wanted to.  Not meaning to start any rumors of my own here. 

Now, I'm not a "car" person.  If you have seen my ride, you know it is not about status or identity or much of anything; it's about pure transportation.  Seriously, the van has seen better days, and if I lived in SoCal, I would be begging you to turn me into Overhaulin' for the ultimate minivan pimping.  Despite its missing wheel cap, dents, and inoperable driver side lock, it gets me where I need to go.  From the outside, pretty it is not. Okay, inside it's not that awesome either.  But I swear if I crashed and drove off the road and was not found for weeks, I could survive on the french fries, cheerios, and half-full water bottles found under the back two rows.  If you have ever driven with me, you probably agree that there's something a little comforting about that.   

So, right ahead of me in carpool is this $150,000 car.  Y'all, that's a whole house in a neighborhood down the road from me.  Heck, it's more than a house just a couple miles down the road.  And, I know that there are some people in my neighborhood who have some serious coin (No worries.  I'm not one of them.  Never had it, never will.).  We see plenty of Mercedes, BMW's, Hummers, and even the occasional Porsche.  But a Maserati?  That's a whole new box of crayons.  And I'm talking the sixty-four count box with the built-in sharpener or a limited edition tin of ninety-six.    

I expect this kind of extravagance when I go to the Galleria and into the land of the beautiful people that is Dallas or when I visit my sister out in SoCal, but here at my daughter's school?  And I start to wonder what kind of online pornography or Mexican drug ring she and her husband must be involved in to be able to drive that car.  Ugly of me, I know, but I'm just being honest.  I'm sure they are pefectly lovely people.  He probably is a realtor.    

Makes me wonder what kind of Bentley or Rolls will show up today.  Right smack dab in front of my ghetto minivan.  Wonder if they worried when I accidentally took my foot off the brake and inched almost-too-close to that pricey bumper.  I know I did.          

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  1. Just came from watching Sanders' son play. Yes, his wife moved over here so the boy could play. Yes, the high school completely restructured their offense so the small-ish, non-passer could be the quarterback.

    You speak the truth sister.