Friday, September 3, 2010

This Is 9-1-1. What is the nature of your emergency?

Well, it never fails that my house knows when Mr. Incredible leaves for a few nights.  This time was no different, and in the inferno that was August 2010, where my power usage was twice what a normal year would be (and thus my bill was also double...), when my husband had been gone for a mere six hours, the upstairs air conditioner was BLOWING HOT AIR.  And not just uncooled air, but HEATED air.  In fact, no matter how desperately I tried, I could not get the thermostat to read COOL.  It said HEAT.  And as I stood there trying to reprogram the durned thing, it actually registered an additional degree.  I turned that baby off, pronto! 

Only it was 101 degrees outside with the heat index.... So it was sweltering in my upstairs.  And we slept like that.  Of course, we had all the ceiling fans going, which helped tremendously.  And there were no blankets to be seen.  We survived.  We took showers in the morning.

Mr. Incredible came home yesterday, and he took a look at the system.  After poking around in the attic and assessing the outside condensors, he pronounced that it was beyond his scope.  Apparently, Mr. Incredible is not licensed for HVAC work.  If you know Mr. Incredible you are laughing hysterically now.  If you don't know Mr. Incredible, trust me when I say that it is a funny thought.  A professional will be visiting today between noon and three. 

And thankfully, it is now 75 degrees in my house because a fabulous front rolled through and cooled down blazing Texas.  Or maybe it was the prayers of three sweaty children.    

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