Thursday, September 23, 2010

He's Mine Alright

Last night the children and I ventured through the unsavory part of town (uh...  are the doors locked?) to the not-so-fabulous Love Evolution to pick up Mr. Incredible.  He had been away on business for FIVE days; hence, the strong need for a do-over.  The sun was setting as we drove toward the airport, and it was quite a lovely sky.  From the back seat comes the small voice of Bonus,

Mommy, it's was really kind of pretty when the sun just went down.  It looked like flowers melting in the snow.

Bestill my heart.  My budding little wordsmith creating pictures with his voice!  Although he looks and acts just like Mr. Incredible, that there is some hard evidence that there is a piece of me in that little body.   

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