Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Girls, If I Have To Ask You Again, You Are Getting Detention

Last evening I had to go to the "official" band parent meeting at the middle school.  Nevermind that I had to go to a meeting where they droned on over the same information last May.  I had to sign my name next to Miss Proper's last night, so I had to be there.

Much to my delight, my beautiful Dallasite friend, aka "The Breck Girl", came over to sit with me.  We had not seen each other since June, and there was catching up to do.  So, we started chatting.  The meeting started, and we continued chatting quietly.  There were three other people at our table, but we were whispering and really only making a comment here or there.

Guess what?  Right in the middle of the meeting, two of the people at our table got up and moved to another table.  I guess we were talking a little more than we thought. We were so embarrassed.  My cheeks were burning, and I saw hers flame up.  We pretty much shut up after that.  It was just like being back in middle school.      


  1. M's back to bassoon lessons,no band here to join, but hopefully that will soon be remedied! Did the teacher give you a dirty look?!

  2. Priceless. Maybe you'll get assigned a new homework project for your punishment. ; )

  3. Well, that sounds like the naughty corner for you my friend! I think we've all been there at one point or another so don't feel too bad about it. what instrument is your daughter playing?

    Oh, and I totally think lunch time tuna helper is acceptable. :)