Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Favorites

A new series.  We will see if I stick with it or not. 

I have such a busy day with laundry, packing, Bike Rodeo, etc. that I am gonna make this short and sweet.

My Favorite Sweets:

1.  Creme Brulee'-- This treat is especially delicious if you eat it at 9:30 pm after all your kids are in bed and no one is asking if they can have a bite of the crunchy goodness that is carmelized sugar.  I also found that you can eat your way across Disney World with creme brulee'.  Just about every sitdown restaurant in any of the four parks or Disney hotels has its own variety of this yummy custard.  I was particularly fond of the version at The Brown Derby.  Pappas Bros. Steakhouse has an incredible ramekin of it with fresh berries in the custard.  Delish.

2.  Red Vines-- Contrary to what the commercials say, Twizzlers do not make mouths happy.  In fact, every little mouth in my house thinks Twizzlers make mouths very, very sad.  Our breakfast conversation this morning detailed how Twizzlers taste like dirt or rubber or even dirty rubber.  We like Red Vines.  You can bite off each end and use it as a cherry straw to drink your coke.  When I was a freshman and sophomore at Biola University, I used to buy the four pound tubs of these and eat the whole thing during finals week.  At least they have wheat in them.  That's wholesome, right?  That was also why I pushed the "freshman fifteen" to its extreme limit. 

3.  Dark chocolate-- Why people stirred milk into chocolate I will never understand.  The darker the better.  And dark chocolate with sea salt or dark chocolate with bacon in it. That's some kind of good.

4. Hot fudge-- Need I say more?

5.  Cheesecake-- The food of fat bottoms.  Worth every pound and deposit of cellulite.  Especially if eaten at an actual Cheesecake Factory.

6.  Dairy Queen-- Dipped cone, blizzard, all of it.  Creamy goodness.  If I'm lucky I will get some later today or on Sunday. 

7.  Peanut Butter and Jelly Milkshakes--  Don't turn your nose.  Try it.  You like it.  Preferably from Ruby's.  Particularly Ruby's in Seal Beach.  At sunset.  Now that's a milkshake.

8.  Bananas Foster-- Perfect in New Orleans.  There's butter in it and rum.  You can't go wrong with that combo. 

9.  Chocolate Covered Strawberries-- Two of my favorites combined together in one dessert.  And they look pretty, too.  Plus, I'm "sexy like chocolate covered strawberry".  That will be lost on many of you people, but it will make at least two of you laugh audibly.

10.  Homemade cookies--Mr. Incredible makes a mean chocolate chip.  Just ask him.  I also LOVE oatmeal raisin and snickerdoodles.  They just make you smile.

So much for short.  Have a sweet weekend!


  1. Red Vines loves you back!!

    -Mike Kelly (Red Vines marketing dude)

  2. Well now, that is awesome and unexpected! Just one more reason to love Red Vines!