Monday, July 12, 2010

Ummm.... Flip Flop Challenged Does Not Even Begin To Describe It

RNR has killed another stinkin' pair of flip flops.  Expensive, cheap, cute, plain, glitter, pink, black, yellow, silver; she is an equal opportunity destroyer of thongs (can you believe people used to call them that?).  This less-than-two-week-old pair died during a bike ride in the cul-de-sac.  And, yeah, I said I wouldn't, but I bought her another pair today.  Hot pink glitter.  It was buy her a new pair or go with her idea which was to wear two "mix-matched" left shoes.  I generally DO let my children leave the house dressed like street urchins as long as particular body parts are covered.  We have frequently visited The Krogert in Batman pajamas or a Thanksgiving program getup (in June); however, two left shoes is my limit. 

I have won all the bets thus far...  Mama does need (okay, need might be a little extreme, more like wants) a new pair of smokin' RED stillettos, but this flip flop saga is ridiculous even for my crew.  I would say stay tuned, but I am truly hoping this is the last installment in the Flip Flop Sagas.  And if it isn't, I'll try to take pictures next time. 

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  1. Too cute :) They're still called thongs in Australia and the UK. Have to laugh when these friends call them thongs and then explain. They just roll their eyes at my obvious immaturity!