Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Second Infamous Shoe Incident

You'll remember that my darling daughter, RNR Princess, left the house one day with one shoe.  Well, the shoe that remained at home on that day now resides on the roof of the snack bar at the Lake Cities ballpark. As it was hotter than tar that day and has been ever since, I would not be surprised to find that it has melted into a yellow pool on the green, metal roof.  But, nothing really surprises me anymore.  Unfortunately, I had no camera to document the shoe's new placement. 

I also was not able to capture the pictures of Bonus telling the big kids that they needed to have a meeting to figure out how to get said shoe off the building.  When Bonus called the meeting, a swarm of eight and nine year old boys came running.  Even though they all put their heads together, a reasonable plan could not be devised.  And, yes, there were attempts to bring the shoe down with other shoes.  No other child had quite the aim that RNR did though; all the other shoes made it back down to the ground.

I can't quite explain how the shoe wound up on the roof.  The whole sequence would have made a most enjoyable Brady Bunch episode.  Let's just say that inconceivable is now entirely conceivable.  The aerodynamics of this flip flop from The Children's Place would make Southwest and American jealous. 
We bought two new pairs of flip flops today.  I might should go ahead and place a large wager on her wearing one of each by the end of the summer.  Could be a sure thing. 

Who am I kidding?  By summer's end she will be completely barefoot.

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