Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gimme A Break. No, Seriously, I Need A Break.

A week of crazy busyness thus far.  Mr. Incredible has been traveling to the far reaches of TX and AR this week, and I can't wait until he gets home because I'm tired of all the yuck that happens when he is gone.  If it is going to break, cost oodles of money, make me lose my cool, make me afraid, make me panic... it only happens the second he gets on an airplane.

Yesterday, the front blower on the air conditioner in my ancient van stopped working while I went up to pick some movies out at a Redbox.  Cold air.  Choose The Tooth Fairy and Alice in Wonderland.  No air.  What?  It did get fixed by me, a pair of needlenose pliers, and a miracle from God.  Seriously thankful.  There was much rejoicing when the cold air started blowing.  Much rejoicing.  Just call me Handy Mommy.     

Today, RNR Princess had her six month check-up at the dentist.  SIX interproximal (between the teeth)cavities and several others on the surface of her teeth.  I asked the dentist how she went from "looks great" to "there goes the possibility of me ever getting a new car" in six months.  Referred to pediatric dentist.  Sealants recommended on all permanent teeth.  Fluoride every night.  Braces are suggested along with a labial frenectomy.  I almost fell out.   Mr. Incredible says she will never eat another piece of candy in her life and that he is throwing all the candy away when he gets home tomorrow.  Is chocolate really candy?  Do you think I can slide it in the healthy category for its antioxidants?  Please say yes.  I've hidden a stash just in case he's stone-cold serious.  

I'm whining.  I know it.  Big girls don't whine.  Good thing I quit growing at such a young age because nobody would dare call me big!  Okay.  I'm stopping now, and I am going to focus on the good things that have happened and are scheduled to happen in the next few days.

Monday:  W.O.W (Week of Worship--like VBS) started at our church.  I love this week.  It's exhausting, it gets crazy and chaotic, and in moments, it tries my patience.  I wouldn't miss it.  Ever.  If you aren't involved in this, you are missing out.  What a blessing to have my own Bonus take a sticker that said "You are wonderfully made by God" off of his shirt and put it on me saying, "Mommy, I am wonderfully made.  Mommy, you are wonderfully made."  Made me so proud.  It also made me think about how I am wonderfully made.  I may not be the most beautiful woman around by the standards of the world, but God thinks I'm captivating.  Hard to wrap my head around that thought.  I know it, I believe it, but I'm not sure I'm capable of understanding it.  Also, I enjoyed swimming fun with kids and my most excellent neighbor, Kernsie.  I even cooked one of Miss Proper's favorite dinners--TaterTot Casserole.  Not my favorite, but all the kids eat it, and I had not made it for them since LAST YEAR pre-p90X.  They are tired of grilled chicken and all the healthy food.  So am I. 

Tuesday:  More W.O.W. fun.  Hair appointment.  First hair appointment since before Mr. Incredible and I went to San Diego.  That was Valentine's Day.  I was WAY overdue.  Amber made me promise to come back for another trim in August.  I'm much blonder than I was on Monday.  I don't have pictures yet, but I will get some.  I only had the ends trimmed, so don't worry about the last hair-rah.  It is still completely on.  A couple of my friends aren't sure they can see me with long rockstar hair.  I'm 100% sure it'll look smokin'.  Here is the look I'm going for.  Row two, first picture and row three, second picture.  It's the same haircut, just curly first then straightened.  I PROMISE I will NOT wear a denim corset or vest with my "do" though.  I won't promise that I won't wear them in leather.  Following new hair, a wonderful start to a new study on Ruth with my NOGS.  I ADORE these ladies.  They are proof that God loves me.  They are probably in for a great deal of tears from me in the next six weeks.  Ruth wrecks me.  It always has.  More on that later. 

Wednesday:  BONUS wrote his name.  By himself.  And you can actually read it.  This is huge.  He has not been interested in writing at all.  However, today he decided he could do it and he did.  I also spent ninety-one minutes on the phone with my mother, which was good for me but probably a little depressing for her because I kept telling her all hard things going on in my life right now.  It always helps to talk to my mom.  Even if the only thing she can do to help is say, I'm sorry and You won't have any money until all your kids are gone.  We didn't either.   With this being the third day of WOW, exhaustion has fully set in, and I crashed on the couch for a little while.  I just love a good nap.  Sleep and I are old friends.  I don't get together with him as often as I used to, but I should because me+sleep = true love.

Thursday: More WOW fun coming.  Mr. Incredible comes home, and I have missed him.  I don't like to use needlenose pliers.  Hopefully, I will have some wheels on around 1:00 tomorrow.  As long as Mr. Incredible makes it back from the mecca of Midland by noon, I will get to be ROLLERSKATING, which I love.  I really would join a roller derby team if they would: a) actually let me join and b) let me be called Reckless Housewife, number 867-5309.  Also, I am afraid of getting my teeth knocked out.  My parents paid for me to have braces three times; I should respect the thousands of dollars that my mouth represents.  But, if they do a race tomorrow, I'm in.  My daughters will die of embarrassment, which means I'll do it TWICE.  I need to go put my socks in my purse right now.  I also need to watch Whip It! 

Friday:  The end of WOW.  I love it, but I'm usually ready for it to be over by Friday morning.  We'll see.

Saturday:  Sleeping in!  Summer's here.  I can finally take a break.  


  1. Um, I believe I should get to be #867-5309, since the song is about a girl with my name. Though I refuse to let people call me Jenny, so I guess you can have it back after all.

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  3. I guess this means we get to call J.O. Jenny from now on. YES!!!