Sunday, June 27, 2010

Apparently, We Are A Little Flip Flop Challenged...

You might recall that RNR Princess left the house with one flip flop a couple of months ago.  Then, you might remember that she deposited one flip flop on top of a snack bar.  Attempts at retrieval were unsuccessful.  On June 22 two minutes into our visit to the library (which was the first in a long string of errands for that day) I hear:

Oops.  How did that happen?  Mommy, I need you to fix my flip flop.

I glance down at her foot and think she has popped a strap that I will be able to poke back through the hole in the sole.  Until I look more carefully.  Actually, she has somehow managed to break rubber.  Week old amazingly cute silver glitter Roxy flip flops (I wanted a pair) destroyed.  In the quietness of the public library.  While she was standing in one spot.  Her talent for this sort of thing amazes me. 

And then, she wants to take the shoe off because it feels weird.

Of course, she can't run around the library in one shoe, so I tell her she is going to have to make it work for the moment.  She hobbles around the library and picks four books.  We find a Scooby Doo book for Bonus, which delights him to no end.  Then, we head upstairs to the Teen and Adult sections to find books for me and Miss Proper.  Miss Proper finds a proper book.  I check out The Lacuna (Kingsolver) , Prodigal Summer (Kingsolver, again), and Song of Solomon (Morrison).  Books in hand, we head out into the beating Texas heat, load up the minivan, and head for Big Lots to find a CHEAP pair of flip flops because I am done spending money on summer footwear for that child.  

Are you placing your bets yet?  I would say "mama needs a new pair of shoes", but you know who will probably need them more...

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