Friday, April 23, 2010

Husband Husband

I still have no special name on here for this most special guy, but I'm going to tell you about him anyway.  He is not perfect, but I think I'm going to keep him around.

50 Reasons Why I Love My Husband

1.  He always apologizes when he is wrong. I won't say we have never gone to bed mad in nearly sixteen years of marriage, but those nights are fewer than the fingers on both hands.  Maybe fewer than the fingers on one hand.  I'm not keeping track.

2.  He is a hard worker.  Sometimes I think he works too hard, but I know he is doing it for our family.

3.  He's a good father.  You should have heard him talk to Miss Proper last week when she was upset and melting down.  I wouldn't have thought of some of the things he told her.  It was just what she needed to hear from him.

4.  He has seen me first thing in the morning and still thinks I'm beautiful. Isn't that an amazing thing about husbands?  He has also seen me birth three kids, cut my hair way too short, pluck my eyebrows too much, and forget to shave one leg.  All not pretty things.  Trust me.

5.  He chooses to love me.

6.  He loves our kids.

7.  He is not afraid to take a side or speak his opinion.

8.  He is not ashamed to talk about his beliefs.

9.  Have you seen the man?  He's just so darned handsome.

10.  He mops.

11.  He cooks.

12.  He irons his own clothes.

13.  He will tell me if the shoes I put on don't look right with my dress.  I appreciate this.  You can tell me, too. 

14.  He does a great impression of the smoo. Ask him.

15.  He can imitate most any accent.  I can't do any.

16.  He has beautiful eyes.  They look like cracked stained glass windows.

17.  He doesn't get upset when the house is a wreck... which is pretty much daily.

18.  He was never afraid to change a diaper even though he had not really held many babies before ours were born.

19.  He's not a quitter.  I definitely can be.  His determination is fierce.

20.  He doesn't always do the right thing, but he wants to do the right thing.  I think that's half the battle.

21.  He lets me cry.  Some men just can't be around tears.

22.  He still wants to hang out with me 19 years after meeting me.  Other than my parents or sister, I think that's a record. 

23.  He's funny.  His sense of humor is a little warped, but he definitely knows how to make me laugh.  So much so that I peed in my pants in the Kroger parking lot last week.  It happens.

24. When I was pregnant and my back was hurting, he let me sleep in the prime spot of the bed--the very middle.  I still tend to gravitate there, and he doesn't gripe (very often!) about the fact that I am a complete bed and cover hog.  And after breaking my nose multiple times, I snore.  Loudly.  In his ear. 

25.  When he travels, he sets the coffee pot up and sets the timer so I have coffee waiting for me the next morning.

26.  When he is home, he makes and brings me coffee every morning.  Sometimes in bed.  I love having my own personal barrista.

27.  He knows it's important for me to have time with girlfriends.  He encourages me to build friendships.

28.   He's smart.  Sometimes scarily so.  He's not arrogant about it though.

29.  He remembers what the weather was like and what he had to eat on all kinds of special days.  It's kinda weird but in an endearing sort of way.

30.  He can talk to a wall.  Sometimes I struggle to make conversation.  I think he had more conversations and found out more about people at my high school reunion than I did.

31.  He frequently gets told he looks like Matthew McConnaughey and that he has killer eyes, but he doesn't let it go to his head.  Usually. ;)

32.  He loved my grandfathers.  He misses them, too.  I love that he knew them and cared about them.

33.  He knows how to calm me down when I get upset.

34.  He gets very excited when he finds out about something new and likes it.  It's a little annoying how much he will talk about it, but it's also very sweet.  It's a childlike quality.  It means I get to eat sushi a bunch right now, and I love sushi!

35.  He orders his hamburgers without onions because he knows I don't like onions.  It's a sacrifice because he loves onions.  Onions might mean he might not get to kiss me, and he never wants to miss out on that! 

36.  He never makes me feel bad when the house is a disaster.  He has never said, "What did you do all day?"  He'll just help me pick it up.

37.  He turns the alarm off and lets me sleep in when he knows I'm tired or have had a hard night or hard week.

38.  He runs a bath for me every Sunday morning before church. Then, he feeds the kids breakfast.  Is that awesome or what?

39.  He always has time to listen to someone who needs to talk.  It is one of the reasons I feel in love with him.

40.  He tries to honor his father.  His father is very hard to honor. 

41.  He might not remember your name, but he will remember if you had surgery or if you are sick and will ask you how you're doing.  A guy he works with said that when he was going through treatment for cancer that my husband was the only person at work who would call to check on him and see how he was doing or if he needed anything.  You have to love that.

42.  He's a big man, but he can be so gentle when he wants to.  So gentle it borders on fragile.  It's lovely to watch.

43.  As he is a big man, he makes me feel safe.  Just don't ask him to go downstairs if there is a bump in the night; he doesn't want to check it out either.  He does it though...  after we play rock, paper, scissors to see which of us will be murdered in the kitchen.  Best three out of five. 

44.  He loves the Lord.  He didn't know him on the day we met.  I've gotten to watch his whole journey. 
He has come a long way.

45.  He still wanted to date me after I threw up in his lap.  Pretty disgusting... Diet Dr. Pepper and popcorn.  Single girls, I wouldn't recommend this maneuver. 

46.  When he introduced me to his mother at his oldest brother's wedding he told her that I was the girl he wanted to marry.  I think she almost fell over.  I think I almost fell over, too, and then I floated.

47.  He has learned that I don't always want him to fix it for me.  Sometimes I just need to vent, and he now gets that.

48.  If he tells you he will pray for you, he will.   

49.  He's physically strong!  He used to pick me up by the ankles with one hand.  I'm not sure if he still can.  Probably.  We haven't tested that in awhile.

50.   I can't explain all of it in words, but I just love him.  Good and bad, I am so thankful to have him as my husband. 

No onions here!

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