Friday, March 12, 2010

Smiling Seven

Happy 7th, Rock-N-Roll Princess!

Yes, four days later another one of my children has a birthday.  Today is the most special of days for my middle angel, the Rock-N-Roll Princess.  She loves the sparkles, but she knows how to get down and wallow in the dirt if needed.  And, as a friend of mine says, "she was born with a megaphone attached to her voicebox."  The child has a wonderfully, infectious laugh, but she has ABSOLUTELY no concept of "inside voice." 

She also has no teeth right now.  Huge gaping holes in her mouth.  Her no-brain mother bought her a special birthday lunch and took it to school to eat lunch with her.  Here's what I brought:  2 pieces fish, fries, hush puppies, lemonade, and CORN ON THE COB. 

"Ummm, Mommy, I can't eat corn right now."  

"Well, I didn't want to make you eat green beans on your birthday." 

"Can I get ice cream instead?"


Well, since I dropped one dozen of her birthday cupcakes trying to get in the car and fell down the front stairs of the school trying to bring her lunch in (dropping the same dozen of cupcakes again), it only makes sense that I completely forgot while ordering her lunch that my child currently has no teeth.  

And, of course, this child is a miracle, too.  We did not think we were going to be able to have more children because we lost three between Miss Proper and Rock-N-Roll Princess.  Just when we said one child would be fine if that was what we were given, I showed up pregnant.  Another gift was born on March 12, 2003 paralyzed on one entire side of her precious, pink 7 lb. 15 oz. body.  Our pleas for this child were also heard.  Look at her now!  If you listen carefully tonight, you will probably hear her roar from wherever you are because there is a "spa"tacular slumber party planned.  I don't imagine there will be much slumbering.   


  1. Eva had a good time, but she is tired! I am trying to convince her to take a nap. Love your blog! I added it to my list.

  2. Hey! My mom dropped my cae when I turned 7 also!